Monday, June 07, 2010

Lange Eylandt Limericks, Concerning Setauket and Neighboring Environs, for the Full and Rapid Release of Ribaldry

An amazing young man from Syosset
Arrived with the force of a faucet.
Yet the briny cascade
left his lovers dismayed,
for they frequently drowned trying to cross it.

There once was a man from Setauket
who kept his wife's pic in a locket.
When girls would ask, "who
is that woman?" he knew
it was time that he run out and hock it.

A well-endowed man from Setauket
Would blush when the ladies would mock it.
"We can see that it's long,
but isn't it wrong
to keep it unleashed when you walk it?"

There once was a girl from West Islip
known as the "Ten Dollar Vice Grip"
Slip it in for a five,
But to pull out alive
Cost you five dollars more, plus a nice tip.

Copyright 2010 max jukes/brian edward hack. No quotation or reproduction of this material without express written permission of the author.


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